Spicy Scrambled Eggs

Some Sundays I like to prepare a quick light dinner, so that we can get to bed early for the next week. As far as possible I like to keep Sunday nights and weeknights vegetarian (I always categorize eggs as vegetarian LOL) One of the dishes made on Sundays (or even weekdays) is a spicy scrambled egg dish. Its a quick one pot dish, and can be made in a jiffy. (Except when it is made by my hubby Pramod, who will take ages to cook anything. (I swear he could manage to take an hour just to boil an egg).
This spicy scrambled egg recipe - Egg Bhurji,as it is known in India, is a dish popular in north and western India. Its preparation and appearance are similar to scrambled eggs. The difference lies in the addition of sauteed chopped onions, chilies, and optional spices. Paneer- a type of cottage cheese, may substitute for the eggs.

There are two variations of this dish, and here I have posted one of them. All you need for this easy scrambled egg dish is a few basic food staples from the fridge - I like to use a couple of eggs, and mix them with egg beaters for a healthier version:

Serves 4

8 large Eggs, beaten (or equivalent egg beaters)
2 large onions
1 large or 2 small tomatoes
3-4 chopped green thai or cayenne chillis to taste(optional)
1 tsp whole cumin
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1-2 tbsp canola or olive oil
1 1/2 tsp cumin powder
1 1/2 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp chilli powder
a handful of chopped cilantro to garnish

In a large frying pan heat the oil and add turmeric powder, cumin powder, coriander powder and green chillis. Add the onions. Fry until just transparent. Add the tomatoes and fry some more. Add the chillis and the beaten eggs. mix well and keep scrambling until the scrambled egg mixture is dry. Turn off the heat and add chopped cilantro.

Authors note:
Serve this dish just as you would any other scrambled eggs - with or on toast, with sausages, on hash browns - or try rolling up into a wrap. Boiled potatoes cut into small cubes and added after the onions will make the eggs more filling and tastes yummy for all those potato lovers. Peas, carrots, green pepper spinach and almost any other veggies can go into the bhurji (along with the onions) and they make the bhurji taste awesome while simultaneously increasing the health meter. Just make sure that these veggies are finely chopped, so that they fuse with the dish. This is an incredibly simple, wholesome and tasty dish. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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