Potatoes with Fenugreek

Also called Aaloo Methi, This poular Indian dish is is so tasty that you will find it difficult to stop eating once you start! I guarantee that it will be a hit dish to serve at a dinner party.  You would think that this dish would be really bitter, but it is not bitter at all. The spices offset the flavor beautifully.Fenugreek is used both as a herb (the leaves) and as a spice (the seed). It is cultivated worldwide as a semi-arid crop. It is frequently used in Indian cooking. This dish can be made dry or served slightly mashed. Both versions are shown.  Serve this dish with hot naans or rotis - and experience the flavor!  
Serves 4
1 1/2 cup fresh or frozen fenugreek leaves (cleaned, washed and finely chopped)
2-3 Potatoes medium peeled and cut into cubes, or mashed for a softer texture.
1 onion,chopped
1 medium tomato,chopped
1-2 flakes of garlic,crushed
1 inch ginger, crushed.
Salt To Taste
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp cumin seeds 
2 green chillis
2 whole dry red chillis cut into pieces(optional)
2-3 tbsp vegetable oil

Shown above is the dry version - using chopped boiled potatoes.

Heat the oil, add onion, crushed garlic, crushed ginger and fry until brown. Add cumin seeds,green chillis and dry red chillis.
When cumin seeds sputter and chillis turn slightly brown add turmeric, chilli powder and chopped tomato. Sauté for a few minutes
Now add potatoes and salt, and mix well. Cover and cook till potatoes are half done on a medium flame- add a little water if necessary.
Add fenugreek leaves and cook on a medium flame till done and till water is fully absorbed.
Serve the aloo methi hot with chapatis or naans.
Author's Note:
It is easier to use frozen fenugreek leaves- available in any Indian Store. They are already cleaned and chopped. Adjust the chillis to make this dish as hot/mild as you like. If you don't have any fresh or dry chillis, try using chilli powder or paprika instead.  This dish can be made with out the onion as well, however I find that the crunch of the onion adds to the flavor and texture of this dish.

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